amazing Indonesia

hi friends I will tell you about my travel in my country. it’s so amazing, one week ago I have been traveled with my friend in Borobudur temple, it’s big building where all building made with stones. like picture in below


Borubudur Temple   Borobudur Temple


Borobudur Temple




It’s very tired if you walked around this building, because very big, but it’s very interesting, I believe you will enjoy your travel.

after visited Borobudur temple, then I visited Dieng wiyh my friends. Dieng located central Java, about 3 hour from Borobudur temple, there is very cold because located in mountain plateau, There you can find lake, it’ name “tlaga warna”, tlaga warna is mean many colors, because if you looked this lake from far, you can see many colors like rainbow. I have picture like in below



he is my friend 😀


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